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The history of the Tree Hugger Sprinklers

Hello and welcome to Tree Hugger Sprinklers. My name is Bob, and I am the inventor of the Tree Hugger Sprinkler. I am from Waller County, Texas, and I am honored to share our story with you.

After severe drought and wildfires plagued the great state of Texas in 2010, I had trouble finding an efficient solution to keeping my trees hydrated. I searched high and low at big box stores to find the right sprinkler system, but I found nothing that could provide my newly planted trees with the 360 degree watering it needed. I set out to find a better solution: a sprinkler that would open up and surround my trees, and after experimenting with numerous PVC fittings from my local hardware store, the concept of the Tree Hugger Sprinkler was born. I showed my new invention to my family, and my oldest daughter jokingly said, “it hugs the trees, you should call it Tree Hugger,” and so I did. 

Following two tedious years of going back and forth with the US Patent Office, we were finally issued a utility patent on June 19, 2018 (#9,999,894). On January 5, 2020, we also received a registered trademark for Tree Hugger. We worked diligently to develop a prototype, and in March of 2020, we had finalized a product that we were ready to manufacture. Unfortunately, the world and our economy began to shut down due to COVID-19, and with all of the delays in shipping, we were unable to receive our first order of sprinklers until March of 2021. 

Fast forward to June 2021, we finally had a product we were ready to sell, but we needed to figure out how to get the word out to the public. I have been an avid listener of GardenLine with Randy Lemmon on 740AM in Houston, Texas for several years, and in my opinion (and the opinion of many others), GardenLine is the best gardening show in Texas. We reached out to iHeartMedia, happily sent them a sample of our sprinkler, and after waiting patiently on their feedback, we were given their stamp of approval to advertise on the show starting the week of June 5, 2021. I cannot thank Mr. Lemmon and iHeartMedia enough for taking the time to check out our sprinklers and share them with their listeners. 

In closing, I’d like to share that I am a retired contractor, who invented a product out of necessity to save my trees. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that is exactly what happened here. We are dedicated to continuing to improve our product, introducing some new products, and taking care of our customers. If you purchase our sprinkler, I want to thank you, and I hope our product meets or exceeds your expectations.

Thank you and God bless you.


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