Control the amount of water for each application

Our sprinklers are an effective and efficient lower cost solution for tree, shrub and bush irrigation

Every tree, shrub and bush have a target watering zone, where the fine feeder roots are located. Agrilife provides a good explanation.*

Our sprinkler features articulating trunk enclosure arms that distribute water 360 degrees out from the trunk.  

The Tree Hugger Sprinkler is uniquely designed for 360 degrees of watering with one placement because it wraps itself around the tree.

Our sprinklers help you use your water where it matters!

Water distribution distance targeting is managed via the combination of our valve system and the strategic placement of our watering perforations.

Tree Hugger Sprinklers come in three sizes

Order today at our online store or purchase at these locations and make Tree Hugger Sprinkler “Your Sprinkler”.

*Link is provided for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement.

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